90 Degree Curved Roller Conveyor

Gravity Roller Conveyor

90 Degree Curved Roller Conveyor

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1. Roller diameter: 50mm(small end)

2. Roller Material: Zinc-Plated Steel/Stainless Steel/Rubber/Plastic

3. Turing Angle: 90°,60°,45° 

4. Turing Radius: 900 

5. Load per Roller: 50kg 

6. Min Height of Conveyor: 500mm 

7. Roller Pitch: 100mm,150mm 

8. Conveying Capacity: 250kg per Conveyor 



Features :

1. Economic and practical

2. Reliable running. It can be used for forward and reverse transport.

3. Height of support leg is adjustable, with wide application.

4. good looks, durable

5. high quality and competitive price!





1. It is used in indoor enviroment

2. It is used for transport of boxed unit load with flat bottom

3. It is used for arc section of conveyor line


we produce standard conveyors and we welcome custom conveyors!

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