What is a roller conveyor

What is a roller conveyor

Roller Conveyor is suitable for all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets and other pieces of goods transport, bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be placed on pallets or tote box transport. Can transport a single piece of heavy materials, or bear a large impact load, the drum line is easy to connect and filter, can be used a number of roller lines and other conveyors or special aircraft to form a complex logistics conveyor system, to complete a variety of process needs.

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Roller Conveyor Table | Powered Roller Conveyor

A roller conveyor is a component that carries material from one processing area to another by a series of rollers. They are commonly used to support feeding materials into different machine processes, such as milling. Similarly, the roller table is used to receive and move the finished product during processing. A roller conveyor usually consists of a number of rollers mounted in a frame. In the case of gravity conveyors, these rollers rotate the product through them, helping the product move forward. 

Roller Conveyor Table | Powered Roller Conveyor

Powered Roller Conveyor | Roller Conveyor Manufacturer

The roller conveyor's reliable mechanical properties and durable conveying ability make the roller conveyor production line active in all walks of life in the production and processing. Roller conveyor can not only be used for the production of beverages, postal sorting system, vegetable cleaning, dairy sterilization, but also for the production of powder, metallurgy, port, coal, building materials and so on. Depending on the material of the driving roller, the roller conveyor can also be used for special agricultural activities and military production. Roller conveyors can also be used for climbing transport. On the one hand, the spatial layout of the roller conveyor can be optimized; On the other hand, it can improve the means of production. The roller conveyor can also be combined with two roller sets to reduce the load pressure and working pressure of the roller conveyor. Roller conveyors have a wide range of applications.

Powered Roller Conveyor | Roller Conveyor Manufacturer

Power Roller Conveyor | Powered Roller Conveyor

roller conveyor has many advantages, all kinds of transportation configuration covers a small area, flexible expansion; The direction is changeable, and the conveying direction can be changed flexibly, the maximum can reach 180 degrees. roller conveyor has strong conveying ability, flexible and reliable, can realize a variety of items diversion and confluence. roller conveyor with large load and smooth delivery, it is suitable for medium and heavy loads. roller conveyor has unique structure, low energy consumption, low noise, smooth transmission, easy to displace, beautiful appearance, safe and clean.

Power Roller Conveyor | Powered Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyor: a flexible and economical solution for material handling

A roller conveyor is a material handling device that uses rollers to support and move items. It can be gravity driven or electrically driven. Roller conveyor is suitable for light to medium weight items with a flat or uneven bottom, such as barrels, boxes, packaging materials, and other boxed goods. The roller conveyor has the advantages of flexibility, energy conservation, security, and ease of maintenance. It can be configured into straight or curved shapes as needed, and can also be used in conjunction with other modules, such as transfer units, blade stoppers, sorters, and combiners. Roller conveyor is one of the most versatile and economical conveyors in the field of material handling.

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Drum conveyor according to the driving mode can be divided into power drum line and unpowered drum line, according to the layout form can be divided into horizontal conveyor roller line, inclined conveying drum line and turning conveyor roller line.

Because the drum is higher than the frame, some belt-driven roller conveyors can support products that are wider than the width of the frame. In any arrangement, the rubber belt under the drum must not encounter moisture, overheating, or debris, as these conditions can quickly degrade system performance.

Gravity roller conveyor: Use the weight and tilt angle of the object to move the object without requiring power.Chain driven roller conveyor: Uses chains and gears to transmit power and drive the rotation of the drum, suitable for heavy loads or long-distance transportation.Electric roller conveyor: Use electric motors and belts or chains to drive the rotation of the roller, suitable for transportation that requires precise control of speed and direction.

The advantages of roller conveyor are:Flexibility: The roller conveyor can be configured in a straight or curved shape as needed, and can also be used in conjunction with other modules, such as transfer units, blade stoppers, sorters, mergers, and so on.Energy saving: The roller conveyor can operate using gravity or a small number of drives, saving energy and cost.Safety: The roller conveyor can provide stable and controllable transportation speed, reducing damage to items and personal injury.Easy to maintain: The roller conveyor has a simple structure and is easy to install and replace.

The cleaning and maintenance of the roller conveyor includes the following steps:Regularly inspect the drum, bearings, chains, belts, and other components for wear, looseness, or damage, and promptly replace or repair them.Regularly remove dust, dirt, or foreign matter from the surface and rails of the drum to prevent affecting the rotation of the drum or causing jamming.Regularly lubricate components such as rollers, bearings, and chains to reduce friction and noise.Regularly adjust the tension and alignment of components such as rollers, chains, and belts to ensure parallel and synchronous rotation of the rollers.

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