About Us

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Company profile

NUOHUA has over 15 years experience in conveying and handling equipment. We cooperate with many furniture companies, express enterprises, garment factories to offer suitable automation solutions. We listen to customers and always find out about the product and processes within your factory. By understanding as much as possible about your requirements, we will be able to offer better solutions. All our customers expect high reliability and durability.

Why Choose Us?

We only use suppliers which we can work with, and will work well with us. We know that support from our suppliers and their ability to work with us is very important to provide a successful complete solution.

We are fortunate to have some great customers who come back to us again and again. We never take this for granted, and we work hard to keep all our customers happy. We know that keeping customers is extremely important, so our goal is to deliver systems and service which will keep you happy and make you want to use us again in the future.

Our staff are the key to our business and we have a great team. We cannot operate effectively without people who work well together and have the right experience. Everybody is amazingly committed to getting the job done right and working to their best abilities. We are very proud of our staff, their positive approach and their effort they put in to keeping customers happy.

We have a flexible attitude. If last minute changes need to be considered, if a customer suddenly has to delay an installation or if an installation needs to move to out of hours to avoid disruption. We will work with you and try to accommodate this as much as possible.

We enjoy our work, and this is very important. We enjoy the challenges which come up with each individual conveyor or full project. We hope this reflect in the service and the contact you have with us. A busy and enjoyable working atmosphere is important to us all.

Our Factory