what is chain conveyor

what is chain conveyor

Chain conveyors are conveyors that use chains to pull, carry, or carry materials such as slats, metal mesh belts, and rollers installed on the chain. It can be divided into chain type, chain plate type, chain mesh type and slat type, etc.

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Roller Chain Conveyor | Chain Belt Conveyor

The transport capacity of chain conveyor is large, and the efficient conveyor allows to transport large quantities of materials in a small space. The conveying energy consumption is low. With the help of the internal friction of materials, the material can be changed from pushing to pulling, which saves 50% electricity compared with the screw conveyor. Sealed and safe, the fully sealed casing makes the dust seamless and drillable, and the operation is safe and reliable. Long service life, conveyor chain made of alloy steel by advanced heat treatment means. Low use cost, power saving and durability, less maintenance, low cost, can ensure the normal operation of the host, to increase output, reduce consumption, and improve efficiency.

Roller Chain Conveyor | Chain Belt Conveyor

Chain Conveyor Company | Chain Conveyor Factory

According to the different bearing surfaces installed on the chain conveyor, it can be divided into: chain type/chain plate type/chain net type/slat type/chain bucket type/pallet type/trolley type. In addition, it often forms production lines with various functions with other conveyors, lifting devices, etc.

Chain Conveyor Company | Chain Conveyor Factory

Horizontal bending belt conveyor

The chain converter has many advantages, such as horizontal bonding belt conveyors can bypass builds or unfavorable terrains, reduce or even no intermediate transfer stations, centralize system power supply and control, reduce the risk of material spillage or block, reduce due flying, noise, and unnecessary energy consumption

Horizontal bending belt conveyor

Custom Chain Conveyor | Plastic Chain Conveyor

The chain conveyor can meet the requirements of single row conveying of beverage labeling, filling, cleaning and other equipment, and also can make the single row into multiple rows and walk slowly, thus generating storage capacity, meeting the requirements of mass feeding of sterilizer, bottle storage platform and bottle cooler. We can make the head and tail of the two chain plate conveyors into overlapping mixing chains, so that the bottle (can) body is in a state of dynamic transition, so that the conveying line does not hold bottles, It can meet the pressure and non pressure transmission of empty and full bottles.

Custom Chain Conveyor | Plastic Chain Conveyor
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The chain conveyor is mainly composed of the head transmission device, the casing, the traction chain, the idler device, the tail and the tensioning device, and the alarm device. The drive of the chain conveyor is completed by the transmission device. The motor starts and transmits the power to the main shaft equipped with the sprocket through the reducer. Driven by the sprocket, the traction chain moves, and the material is conveyed along with it and discharged from the discharge port.

According to the different bearing surfaces installed on the chain, it can be divided into: chain type/chain plate type/chain mesh type/slat type/chain bucket type/tray type/trolley type. Such as the composition of various functions of the production line.

A chain conveyor is a material handling system that consists of one or more chains of metal links that move along a fixed path or track. The chain conveyor transports bulk materials or unit loads from one place to another by dragging, pushing, or carrying them on the chain. The chain is driven by a motor, which provides the motion to move the chain and the material on it.

Chain conveyors have several advantages over other types of conveyors, such as: They can handle a wide range of materials, from fine powders to large lumps, with different shapes, sizes, weights, and temperatures. They can operate at low speeds and high capacities, with high torque and low power consumption. They can adapt to various terrain and layout configurations, with horizontal, inclined, declined, or curved sections. They can be equipped with various attachments and devices, such as buckets, slats, aprons, rollers, etc., to perform different functions and improve performance.

A chain conveyor system consists of several components, such as: The chain, which is the metal link that carries the load and transmits the motion. The chain can be made of various materials, such as steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc., depending on the application and environment. The chain can also have different types of links, such as hollow pin links, side bow links, flanged roller links, etc., depending on the function and flexibility required. The sprockets, which are the toothed wheels that engage with the chain and drive it. The sprockets can be classified into drive sprockets (which provide the power to move the chain), tail sprockets (which change the direction of the chain), bend sprockets (which guide the chain around curves), tension sprockets (which adjust the tension and length of the chain), etc. The track or bed, which is the device that supports the chain along its path. The track or bed can be made of steel, wood, plastic, etc., depending on the load and environment. The track or bed can also include rails, guides, wear strips, etc., for safety and maintenance purposes.

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