What is gravity conveyor

What is gravity conveyor

Gravity conveyor is used in indoor environment.It is designed for handling of boxed unit load with flat bottom.It is used in warehousing, packing line and loading/unloading etc.Modularized design, and easy assembling.

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Pallet Gravity Conveyor

The gravity drum tray conveyor adopts the unpowered tray conveyor solution, which can manually move the tray along the track and continuously lay a series of rollers in the conveyor frame. The drum helps keep the tray moving by reducing the friction between the drum and the tray itself.

Pallet Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Spiral Conveyor

The Gravity Spiral Conveyor allows the product to slide smoothly through the drum for perfect descent transport. With no power consumption, it is the most environmentally friendly solution. Gravity spiral conveyor are the perfect solution for transporting cartons, plastic crates/boxes and other hard-packed items downwards. High-quality, unpowered rollers are mounted on the entire conveyor for gentle transport of the product without consuming electricity.

Gravity Spiral Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor System

The utility of gravity conveying systems is that they can be installed in many locations, can move loads of various shapes, sizes and weights, and have advanced safety functions to help prevent accidents in the workplace. Gravity conveyors allow you to optimize operations while reducing costs.

Gravity Conveyor System

Gravity Conveyor is an efficient conveyor without power

Gravity conveyor is a conveyor that uses gravity to transport items. It does not have a motor or other power device, and only requires a certain tilt angle or thrust to achieve the movement of items. It is economical and practical, simple and reliable, flexible and diverse, safe and efficient, and suitable for items of various weights and shapes.

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A gravity conveyor moves the load without utilizing motor power sources, usually down an incline or through a person pushing the load along a flat conveyor.

Prevent the damage of equipment and use gravity flow. The gravity conveyor is durable and designed to meet the dynamic needs of operation. Our team can provide customized changes of products, such as special length, width, roller center, wheel type or modified standard.

Gravity rollers will transport light, medium and heavy loads with a solid flat bottom, such as cartons, suitcases, boxes, skateboards, barrels, etc.

Gravity conveyor is a conveyor that uses gravity to transport objects. It does not have a motor or other power device, and only requires a certain tilt angle or thrust to achieve the movement of objects

Economical and practical, no need for electricity or other energy, saving costs and resources.Simple and reliable, not prone to failure or damage, and convenient maintenance.Flexible and diverse, you can adjust the length and shape as needed to adapt to different spaces and layouts.Safe and efficient, it can quickly and smoothly transport items of various weights and shapes, improving production efficiency and quality.

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