What is flexible conveyor

What is flexible conveyor

The Flexible Conveyor is a flexible conveyor especially suitable for truck handling, retail stores, shipping areas, loading docks and factory floors. Allows you to quickly create temporary conveyor lines where needed. Simply extend and bend the conveyor to suit your needs. Clever use of moving, telescoping, and compaction significantly reduces the footprint.

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Powered Flexible Conveyor

The power flexible conveyor has a solid design, which can provide the best transmission power and can easily move to the place where it is most needed. Flexible and expandable conveyors stretch or bend to fit your available space and are ideal for truck loading and unloading areas. The power flexible conveyor is very suitable for loading and unloading trailers in long operation. Other uses are temporary assembly lines or any forward conveying application that requires alternating configuration.

Flexible Powered Conveyor |

The power flexible conveyor perfectly solves the problems of low time efficiency, high resource consumption and even unexpected safety risks in the gap between the conveyor and the delivery truck in a multi-functional and space-saving way. Flexible power conveyors will significantly reduce the time it takes to load and unload trailers / trucks. These powered conveyors will help eliminate the extra work that may be required in moving packages and other alternatives. The ergonomic benefits of installing one of these conveyors in your warehouse or distribution facility are enormous.

Flexible Gravity Conveyor

Flexible gravity conveyors ‎ can be easily connected to the front wall of the trailer ‎ and can then be shrunk or expanded to achieve overall efficiency and ergonomics, enabling your warehouse team to easily load or unload vehicles and move heavy objects or boxes relatively easily. ‎

Conveyor Flexible

Flexible conveying lines are usually used for conveying small products such as canned, bottled and small packages. It can also transport products with a width of 2.5 times that of the chain plate.

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1. The chain plate can go straight, turn, rotate, circle and other shapes, and it can be realized strongly. 2. The fuselage is a profile. The flexibility of the profile is better, and it can be bent into a round or S shape, which is more diversified. 3. The appearance is clean and generous, and it is easy to clean grease or other stains. 4. We can easily transport the flexible conveyor to the designated position, which is highly random. 5. No noise. When the flexible chain plate is running, the POM material chain plate and the POM wear-resistant strip rub, and no noise will be generated.

The flexible chain plate conveyor system can be large or small, can be stretched freely, and is easy to operate. Pneumatic, electric and motorized automatic control devices, and various forms of production lines are formed according to the different needs of users.

The basic components of a flexible conveyor include a central control system and a flexible conveyor belt. The central control system is generally composed of PLC or PC or single-chip microcomputer, sensors, consoles, and executive elements, while the flexible conveyor belt is composed of the following basic parts.(1) Conveyor chain (2) Conveyor beam (3) Drive device (4) Conveyor frame body (5) Guide device (6) Turning device (7) Accessories

Flexible conveyor is a conveyor that can quickly bend, expand, and shrink. It has pulleys or balls and is suitable for conveying flat bottomed objects in assembly lines or packaging and transportation applications.

Skate wheel flexible conveyor: Use a pulley as a support point, suitable for lighter items.Roller flexible conveyor: Use a ball as a support point, suitable for heavy or irregularly shaped items.Powered flexible conveyor: Use motor driven pulleys or balls to achieve automatic conveying, suitable for long-distance or uphill and downhill conveying.

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