Conveyor Loading System

Conveyor Loading System

The loading conveyor system is a high-speed automatic conveyor that lifts, conveys and supports tubular products during lathe operation. The unit is also equipped with the same hydraulic motor as our tubular cleaning unit.

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NUOHUA has more than 15 years of experience in conveying and handling equipment. We cooperate with a number of furniture companies, courier companies, garment factories to provide suitable automation solutions.

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Conveyor Belt For Loading | Portable Truck Loading Conveyor

loading conveyor is a simple stretched-belt conveyor used to load and unload trucks or containers loaded with large quantities of goods or materials for transport. Our loading conveyor is an excellent option for small and medium sized industries that handle large amounts of cargo or receive large amounts of materials to their facilities. It is a belt conveyor designed to load goods directly from trucks to warehouse compartments.

Conveyor Belt For Loading | Portable Truck Loading Conveyor

Portable Loading Conveyor | Portable Truck Loading Conveyor

Users of loading conveyor can adjust the facilities according to their own requirements and control the length of the conveyor at any time. The lifting device is equipped at the base of the main body, and the user can also control the elevation Angle of the operation platform of the conveying and loading machine at any time, which can better connect with all kinds of carrier vehicles. Conveying loader can be used alone, two-way conveying.

Portable Loading Conveyor | Portable Truck Loading Conveyor

Telescopic Loading Conveyor | Vehicle Loading Conveyor

loading conveyor is widely used in logistics, ports, docks, stations, airports, warehouses, mines, posts and telecommunications, electrical appliances, light industry, food, tobacco and other industries to complete the transmission, loading and unloading of goods. Greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce the damage rate of goods, efficient docking of various means of transport. It is an essential tool for modern enterprises to reduce production costs and improve efficiency.

Telescopic Loading Conveyor | Vehicle Loading Conveyor

Bag Loading Conveyor | Conveyor For Loading Trucks

loading conveyor is used for loading and unloading trucks. More materials can be loaded and unloaded easily, without extra work and saving time. The loading conveyor consists of two or more pulleys (sometimes called idlers) and a closed-loop conveyor belt that carries the medium that rotates around them. Drive one or two pulleys to move the conveyor belt and materials on the conveyor belt forward. The conveyor belt is the loading medium of loading conveyor. Belt conveyor system is one of many conveyor systems.

Bag Loading Conveyor | Conveyor For Loading Trucks
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Loading conveyor is a mechanical device used to transfer materials between different locations or devices. There can be different types of loading conveyor, such as belt type, roller type, chain type, screw type, etc. Select the appropriate loading conveyor according to the nature and demand of the material.

Loading conveyor has the following advantages:It can improve the transportation efficiency and speed of materials, and save labor and time.It can reduce the loss and pollution of materials and ensure the quality and safety of materials.It can adapt to different occasions and environments, such as docks, warehouses, factories, airports, etc.The length and height of the loading container can be adjusted according to the weight and volume of the material, achieving flexible loading and unloading operations.

Loading conveyor requires regular maintenance to extend its service life and ensure operational efficiency. Maintenance methods include:Check whether all components of the loading conveyor are in good condition, such as belts, rollers, chains, motors, etc. Replace or repair damaged components in a timely manner.Clean the dust and debris on the loading conveyor to avoid affecting the normal operation of the loading conveyor.Lubricate the moving parts of the loading conveyor to reduce friction and wear.Regularly inspect the electrical system of the loading conveyor to ensure that the power supply, wires, switches, etc. are working properly.

The following safety precautions should be noted during the use of loading conveyor:Before starting or stopping the loading conveyor, make sure that no people or objects are on or near the loading conveyor.During the operation of the loading conveyor, do not touch or approach the moving parts of the loading conveyor to avoid jamming or pinching accidents.When loading and unloading materials on the loading conveyor, attention should be paid to the weight and distribution of the materials to avoid overloading or imbalance causing the loading conveyor to tilt or tip over.In the event of a failure or abnormality in the loading conveyor, it is necessary to immediately stop using it and notify the maintenance personnel for inspection and handling.

There are many brands and models of loading conveyor. Select the appropriate loading conveyor based on different needs and budgets. Some common brands and models are:The TeleStacker Conveyor from Superior Industries is a movable ship loading robotic arm that can achieve five motion modes and can be equipped with a truck unloader.NEPTEK's Telescopic Conveyor is a high specification loading manipulator that is suitable for handling almost any product and is designed for high throughput.The PTLC from Packaging Technologies LLC is a retractable belt type loading robot arm that can automatically adjust length and angle, and has a dust cover and anti-skid device.

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