Telescopic belt conveyor for sale

  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor
  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor
  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor
  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor
  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor
  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor
  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Telescopic Belt Conveyor


Telescopic Belt Conveyor is automatic loading/unloading equipment whose length is controllable widely used in logistics, ports, docks, stations, airports and warehouses, involving industries of post, home appliances, food, tobacco and light industry. It saves time of carrying back and forth and therefore makes the delivery work more efficient and less intensive, and also does less damage to the goods and helps enterprises decrease costs and increase efficiency and quality.

Fixed Length A=6m
Extension Length B=12m
Total Length C=18m
Belt Spec 800mm width Siegling PVK belt, alligator clip jointing
Belt Top Height 900mm, can lift up to 2100mm
Operation Direction forward & reverse
Load Capacity 50kg/m
Belt Driven Motor 3.0kw,SEW
Telescopic Motor 0.75kw,SEW
Hydraulic Power Pack 2.2kw
Machine Total Power 5.95 kw
Electric Control System Siemens PLC intelligent controller
Main Electric Components Schneider,including abnormal fault automatic detection alarm device
Telescopic Chain Donghua, Hangzhou
Cable Carrier Kruis
Standard Color BLUE, RAL5005
Power Cord Length 10m
Standard Color Blue, RAL 5015
Voltage 380V, three phase, 50Hz
Telescopic Belt Conveyor used for loading, stacking and unloading the gunny bags, PP bags, carton box applications for all kind of Industries like sago,rice, dhall, cement,sugar, grains, etc inside containers and space utilisation areas.
1. In structure, the telescopic conveyor makes the common belt conveyor extendable and retractable freely. The length can be controlled at will by the buttons; and also height adjustment is available if needed.
2. The conveyor can combine other conveying equipment such as lifting conveyors, inflexible roller/belt conveyors and assembly line, in which way an automatic conveying system is complete for production, assembly, storage, loading and unloading of goods.
3. The conveyor can transmit items in both forward and reverse way; and some options in details: either constant or variable in conveying/telescoping speed, either fixed or movable type by adding universal wheels, and belt types of chemical fiber/PVC belt, oil-proof or cutting-proof.
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We Offer full series of conveyor roller for conveyors, ground support equipments, packing machines etc.   

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